To facilitate the provision of cultural information, the Institute prepares and distributes print and electronic publications, which present the palette of St. Petersburg’s cultural life.

“St. Petersburg Next Year. Calendar of Events”

  • Bilingual - Russian/English
  • Published since 1998
  • Included in the official St. Petersburg Government’s presentation kit
  • Distributed free of charge
  • Funded through the city budget and partners’ sponsorship
  • Electronic version is on the website

Electronic version of Calendar

Publication "Culture for Health" was prepared by the Institute for Cultural Programs and NRU "Higher School of Economics - St.Petersburg" with a financial support of the Nordic Council of Ministers and within the project "Culture for Health". Brohure is design to provide an overview the best policies and best practices related to the role of culture for health in North-West Russia and Nordic countries.

Download file (.pdf)

Publication "Creative Industries Development. Nordic Council of Ministers’ Projects in the Northern Dimension Region" was prepared by the Institute for Cultural Programs with a financial support of Nordic Council of Ministers and within the frames of the project "Analysis of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Craetive Industries Projects in North-West Russia". Brochure is designed to present the results of analysis of the NCM projects within culture and the creative industries that were implemented in North-West Russia in 2010-2014.

Download file (.pdf)

Publication "Development of Financing and Legislation in Creative Industries of the Northern Dimension" was prepared by the Institute for Cultural Programs with a financial support of Nordic Council of Ministers and within the frames of the project "Development of Financing and Legislation in the Creative Industries Sector of the Northern Dimension Area".

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Publication "Northern Dimension Festival Management" presents current trends in festival management development and the most remarkable examples of festivals’ projects’ implementation in Northwest Russia and the Nordic countries.

The booklet was prepared within the frames of the project "Northern Dimension Management in Culture and Creative Industries" and was financed by the Nordic Counsil of Ministers.

Download file (.pdf)

Publication "Developing Partnerships in Creative Industries of Northern Dimension" presents current trends in creative industries development in Northwest Russia and Nordic countries. The booklet includes articles written by experts and CI operators.

Publication was prepared within the frames of the project "Development of Creative Industries Partnership between Northwest Russia and the Nordic countries" and was financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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“St. Petersburg Next Month. Main Cultural Events”

The newsletter is an official publication of the Committee for Culture. It has been published by the Institute for Cultural Programs since December, 1992.
Electronic and print versions of the monthly newsletter are disseminated at the end of each month by subscription, with information on the following:

  • Festivals
  • Theatre premieres and concert tours
  • Gallery and museum exhibitions
  • Repertoire of theatres, philharmonic organizations, and concert halls
  • Anniversary dates

The newsletter is available in Russian only

“St. Petersburg Next Month:
Professional Contacts in Culture”

The newsletter includes information about scientific events: lectures, seminars, conferences. The publication is available in Russian only.


“North-West Russia Calendar of Cultural Events”

This project presents the cultural potential and variety of events in the Northwest region of Russia, and promotes the development of event tourism and international cooperation.

Children’s Petersburg

Festivals and contests for children, organized throughout the year.


“St. Petersburg Culture in Figures”

The publication presents basic statistical and analytical information gathered in the cultural field during the year.

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“Calendar of Events 2009. Turku – St. Petersburg”

The Calendar presents the most important cultural events of the year 2009 organized in Turku and in St Petersburg. Information about the largest city events – festivals, theatre premieres, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, sport events, and holidays, is presented by the City of Turku Cultural Affairs and the St. Petersburg Institute for Cultural Programs.


“Saint Petersburg Cultural Space”

The pocket reference booklet includes a map of the city’s center with its theaters, museums, and concert halls, and a list of the main annual city festivals. It is a valuable resource for guests of St. Petersburg to navigate through the city’s cultural space.

“Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum.
10 Years of Collaboration”

The booklet includes information about the Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum and gives examples of successful long-term international collaboration.

“St. Petersburg: Culture & Events”

The booklet presents the variety of city’s cultural life during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The “Total Dictation” of 2022 in St. Petersburg

The “Total Dictation” of 2022 was discussed in St. Petersburg

Today, April 1, the online press conference dedicated to the annual educational campaign “Total Dictation” in St. Petersburg in 2022 was held in the TASS news agency. The representatives of the “Total Dictation 2022” organizers presented information about the venues, participants, partners of the event, its innovations and, of course, about speakers who will read the text at the venues.

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Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum will be rescheduled

The organizers of the Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum – the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland and the Finland-Russia Society – inform about the suspension of preparations for the Forum 2022 and the subsequent postponement of its dates.