The number of applications for shooting movie and video projects in St. Petersburg has almost doubled over the past three years

The movie commission for coordinating filming, operating on the basis of the Institute for Cultural Programs, summed up the results of the work over the past few years.

It turned out that in 2019, the number of applications for filming approached 300, and by the end of 2021, it exceeded 560.

In 2021, applications came mainly from St. Petersburg and Russian companies (“Woland” by Mikhail Lokshin, “Karamor” by Danila Kozlovsky, “Chaliapin” by Yegor Anashkin, “December” by Klim Shipenko, etc.). There are far fewer foreign projects, but St. Petersburg can boast of cooperation with such large companies as Netflix (“Anna K” is the first Russian series commissioned by Netflix) and BBC.

Shalyapin 1

Карамора 1

Карамора 3

The “Total Dictation” of 2022 in St. Petersburg

The “Total Dictation” of 2022 was discussed in St. Petersburg

Today, April 1, the online press conference dedicated to the annual educational campaign “Total Dictation” in St. Petersburg in 2022 was held in the TASS news agency. The representatives of the “Total Dictation 2022” organizers presented information about the venues, participants, partners of the event, its innovations and, of course, about speakers who will read the text at the venues.

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Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum will be rescheduled

The organizers of the Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum – the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland and the Finland-Russia Society – inform about the suspension of preparations for the Forum 2022 and the subsequent postponement of its dates.